The Incubation program vision:

Queen Street Studios sees the incubation program as a stepping-stone towards helping talented graduates access meaningful opportunities and eventually launches them into a successful creative career. QSS believes that success breeds success: if we can link successful creative professionals with talented students then we will be creating a circle of success for everyone involved. (Photo credit – Michelle Doucette)

The QSS Incubation program:
In keeping with our vision we have established an incubation program for students, studying the creative fields, with the overall objective of assisting them with the transition to the workforce. Specific objectives will include providing:

• Mentorship through QSS In-house and Professional members.

• Opportunities to further develop their portfolios through real work experiences.

• Experience with real world business processes such as bidding on work, proposal writing, pricing strategies, invoicing, client communication and project management through hands on learning.

• Employment with an apprenticeship format for graduates and a work experience component of study for undergrads.

• Valuable networking opportunities.

• Offer students work opportunities in the region.

For more information call us at the studio 902.463.2665 or e-mail

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